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Look for TriYoga Chicago on YELP (rated five stars *****)!

"This is a lovely yoga studio, so different from the standard gym and corporate yoga operations that are everywhere. The studio is in Maretta's home, and it's a lovely, flower-filled, peaceful place. It's small, so you get personal attention, and there's never been a problem with overcrowding when I've gone. To be on the safe side, you should call before going the first time. You should bring your own mat, but the studio is well supplied with bolsters, blocks, straps etc so you don't need to bring any of that.
The classes are really good. I've been taking the basic (beginner) class. I told Maretta about my carpal tunnel issues and she's been great about suggesting alternative poses that don't cause more pain. The class is challenging but in a good way. There is a lot of attention on breathing through the poses that helps with relaxation. I feel so much better afterwards.
Overall this is a wonderful place to do yoga. Maretta is very caring and personable, and the whole thing adds up to a great mind-body experience." ~Maggy F.

"Maretta has been my yoga teacher for almost three years now. She is exactly what I think a yoga teacher should be--not flashy and showing off advanced yoga poses, but instead a really solid, calm, grounding presence. I feel like she is on a learning yoga path alongside her students. Her in-home yoga studio is a lovely space that feels very comfortable to me. I also highly recommend TriYoga as a safe yet challenging style of yoga" and recently, "You have been very important to my yoga path and I have learned a lot of valuable things....I have lots of good memories -- remember the huge snow storm, the whole city shut down, but we still met and practiced! You can't beat that in a teacher!" ~ Joy

“I have practiced TriYoga with Maretta for four years and, having had previous experience with a wide range of yoga styles, believe this form of yoga to be a perfect balance…. It combines deep relaxation with deep stretching as well as strength building and is taught in the intimate setting of Maretta's Hyde Park home. She is very professional, and I would recommend this class to both beginner (Basics-Level 1) and athletic types (Level 2 and up). It has become an indispensable part of my life….” ~ Naomi

"Maretta is an extremely good teacher and her classes are well-managed. She works with a student patiently and her instructions are easy to follow. I am sooooo thankful that I found her as my first ever yoga teacher!" ~Susila

“I have been taking TriYoga classes with Maretta for over two years now, and it is a truly wonderful part of my week. Maretta fosters a safe, comfortable, and engaging practice space, with very small classes that develop into real communities. I so appreciate Maretta's positive and encouraging attitude in teaching her classes. She is exceptional at working with each student to develop a practice that works best with each person's body, and I enjoy the challenges posed to me in breathing, concentration, and movement.” ~Madeline

“Maretta, I want to tell you that I thought last night’s class was amazing. I really enjoyed the flows! Thank you for showing me how yoga could change my life. You are a wonderful teacher. TriYoga has nourished, calmed, toned and made me an overall better person since I began almost two years ago. I really should be doing it three days a week! I've tried other
classes/types of yoga and nothing takes to me like TriYoga. It's important to let you know how instrumental your yoga instruction has been to my life: thank you also for [encouraging] me; keep doing what you do; you are a gift to me from the gods." ~ Michelle

“I so appreciate [Maretta's] teaching style; I have learned enough now to bring yoga with me on vacation. I brought my mat and wrote out pranayama and a routine based on things I could remember from class, and tried to remember all the distinctions and adjustments as I go. I kind-of heard [her] voice in my head as I went along. I am proud of myself, since I usually don't have the willpower for solo yoga. But I will be glad to be back in class….” ~ Arden

"TriYoga is the first yoga style I've been able to stick with....I've been coming to Maretta's classes off and on since 2003. I've been back with TriYoga since 2010 for 3x/week with tremendous results. TriYoga's attention to the breath, mindfulness of movement and centering of the mind have brought my body and mind back to a balanced state of strength, fluidity and overall well-being. It's the part of my week that I really look forward to! This is not a gym yoga class. This is a complete yoga practice that combines the breath, mental focus and asana. It is sweet and lovely, challenging and strengthening. Maretta is a gifted instructor with many years of teaching experience. She continues to deepen her own practice, while imparting the knowledge she has acquired along the way. TriYoga is for seekers. I always leave class feeling lighter on my feet and open in my heart. Highly recommended for the curious and seasoned alike." ~Angela

“I was a newcomer to yoga and really enjoyed learning from Maretta. The lower-level classes are both challenging and easy to follow. I am very grateful to have Maretta as my teacher and plan to continue taking the classes.” ~ Carol

“Maretta welcomes you into her home and the tone is set right away, opening the door to a very personal yoga experience. As you go with the flow, you learn to “know”; the pace is perfect….” ~ Jason

"Maretta is an attentive and caring instructor. She helps students with their individual needs and uses gentle and slow methods to teach students the postures. TriYoga in particular is wonderful in building strength and stamina and the poses are helpful in loosening tight areas of the body. The practice is well-rounded including pranayama, chanting, warm-up and relaxation. Thank you for a great year of yoga! You motivated me and helped me tremendously through my darkest hours." ~ Sophia T.

"I'm really, really enjoying your teaching. I've been practically pain free since week two and I'm so grateful for that! I can't believe that it’s taken me so long to stumble across TriYoga - thank you so much for your commitment to the practice…." ~ Anwen

“Maretta is a great teacher, very patient and sensitive to the differing abilities of her students. I started my first yoga class with her three and a half years ago and I am hooked. Maretta goes to great lengths to make sure we have correct alignment in the poses. She varies the classes so that they are fun and interesting…. [TriYoga] finds all the underused and neglected parts of the body! I also like the way Maretta introduces new elements, such as poses or breathing techniques, by building on what we already know so that the practice remains continuous and flowing and I never feel like something became 'too hard'. But best of all is Maretta's love of yoga. Without such an enthusiastic teacher, I am not sure if I would have been as consistent a student. Yoga class in such a congenial, caring and thoughtful environment is like an oasis in the middle of every week!” ~ Sanja

“In her TriYoga classes, Maretta carefully balances the building of flexibility and strength with meditation and breathing exercises and provides us with an integrated and graceful experience far superior to the sum of its parts. Compared to other yoga styles, Maretta’s emphasis on posture and technique enhances [my yoga] experience and provides us with lifelong good habits.” ~ George