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Yoga Class Schedule, Description of Levels, Fees, special offerings

ATTENTION: To know current pandemic schedule for online Zoom classes, CONTACT MARETTA at 312-504-1049 OR mjeuland@hotmail.com.

Levels of practice/difficulty in TriYoga may not correspond to that of other yoga styles and studios. Each level is a prerequisite for the next one. If you are new to yoga or TriYoga, please contact Maretta to discuss which level is most appropriate.

Below please find PRE-PANDEMIC schedule. (CURRENT SCHEDULE OFFERS 3 CLASSES--SEE INTRO PAGE.) At least four registered regular students are aimed for, to maintain a viable group class. The schedule may change as groups evolve. For fees, please scroll down....

Morning Group classes (~100 minutes)

Tuesday: Basics/Level 1 (beginner) -- 9:15-10:50 a.m.

Thursday: Level 1 Earth (adv. beginner) -- 9:15-10:50 a.m

Saturday: Level 1-2 Earth/Water (intermediate) -- 9:00-10:40 a.m.

Saturday: Basics -- (gentle beginner) 11:00 to 12:40 p.m.

Afternoon/Evening Group classes (~100 minutes)

Tuesday: Level 2-3 Water/Fire (adv. intermediate) -- 7:30-9:10 pm

Wednesday: Level 1 Earth (adv. beginner)

Thursday: Basics (gentle beginner) -- 7:30-9:10 pm

Private classes may be arranged. Please contact Maretta to inquire.

LEVEL DESCRIPTIONS: unique to the TriYoga method; technically there are seven levels.**

Basics: For those new to TriYoga, and/or those who want to strengthen their core alignments, and/or those who would like a gentle, slow-paced class. Basics is the foundation for TriYoga flows; a complete practice of 108 postures presented systematically. It can be a complete practice in itself. Basics introduces core alignments, wavelike spinal movements, and the principles of flow. Beginners and advanced students can benefit--to refine core alignments, build strength and flexibility in all areas and develop breath awareness. Props such as blocks, bolsters and pillows can be used to ensure comfort and alignment. In general, Basics is the prerequisite for Level 1.

Level 1 (Earth series): This practice may be the next step after Basics. New flows and postures are introduced; core alignments are deepened and refined. Emphasis is on correct alignment, even pacing, economy of movement, relaxation in action, unwavering focus on the breath and expansion in all directions, laying a solid foundation for steady, comfortable asana. The aim is toward releasing blockages and tensions in the physical body and finding stability.

Level 2 (Water series): Flows and sustained postures learned in Basics and Level 1 are systematically refined. Characterized by more challenging, longer flow sequences, dynamically sustained asanas, and more complex breathing practices. Wall-supported arm inversions and some inversions away from the wall are included.

Level 3 (Fire series): Dynamic and energizing flows, synchronized with breath and focus, create heat (agni) to dissolve impurities in body and mind. Agni, the inner fire, is cleansing, purifying and strengthening. Level 3 aims to redirect fears and frustration into achieving correct alignment, strength and power--along with peace and compassion, for oneself and all living beings.

Level 4 (Air series): [not yet offered] Increased awareness of pranayama and mudra reflects the lightness of increased prana. Unique, dynamic four-directional turns open the hips while expanding spatial awareness. The dance between kriya and asana (flowing and sustained postures) guides the mind to stillness. The air element is associated with Anahata, the heart chakra.

** Most TY classes include instruction in breathing techniques meant to control and direct the flow of life energy (prana), as well as concentration techniques and meditation. Known as Prana Vidya, these practices develop better health, mental clarity and inner peace. Breathing practices build the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis, strengthen internal organs and increase the flow of prana. Concentration and meditation techniques deepen inner focus and awareness and encourage calm release, bringing one face to face with one's blissful Divine Nature. Pranayama is vital to authentic Yoga practice.


Full Moon Trinity Practice-- a quiet, centering practice designed to promote and deepen the meditative atmosphere through a threefold emphasis on posture, rhythmic breathing techniques, and meditation. There is generally minimal alignment instruction/assistance from the teacher, this is generally a mixed-level class. Thus, some experience in TriYoga Flows and breathing practices is recommended. This class would be offered on a day near to a full moon.

Partner Stretch-- when interest warrants.

Special Workshops from time to time! Stay tuned....

(discounts available for students with current college ID, seniors):
"Giving does not impoverish and withholding does not enrich." ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

Single Class (drop-in): $17 regular (but discounted $14 for students with current college ID)
5-class Package over 6 weeks: $80 regular or $65 student discount
8-Class Package over 10 wks (1-2x per week): $120, or $95 discounted
16-Class Package over 10 wks (2x per week): $225, or $180 discounted
24-Class Package over 10 wks (3x per week): $325, or $265 discounted

Classes offered according to seva ("offering" or "service for the benefit of others"), whereby no one is turned away for lack of funds. One is asked to seriously consider what one is able to give to support the teacher's effort.
If a student has begun to use a package, please understand that there will be no refund after the second week, except in emergency circumstances!
In-kind service may be accepted in exchange or partial exchange for classes: for ex., help with publicity or other useful contribution.